Manuscripts are submitted to VJ Publishing House in many different forms from handwritten pages to electronic documents embedded with tables and images. We offer a wide range of services to make these manuscripts ready for publication. To avoid or reduce additional charges, please communicate with your AAA (Author Agent Assistant) for further guidance.

Build Again Resubmission:

Resubmission to LSI (One Version)


When a book has gone live and the author finds problems, errors, or other issues that need to be corrected, we can re-submit the file to the printer to update future copies.

Note: If the author is resubmitting to do a re-tech, then the price of the re-tech is reduced from $200 to $150 when purchased with the resubmission.

Please remember that the title and the price (VJ Publishing House bookstore or retail) for a book going through resubmission cannot be changed after it has gone live.

The authors are however able to:

  • Make changes to text in galley
  • Make changes to cover text or design
  • Change subtitle

If you have a paperback and a hardcover version you want to update, please contact your 

AAA (Author Agent Assistant) for further guidance.